Why choose Reclaimed bricks for your next project?

When starting on a new building project, one of the first decisions of the project to be made is what building materials to use, specifically the use of Bricks. With the current awareness of sustainability, many individuals are turning to reclaimed materials in their projects, such as Reclaimed Bricks. Reclaimed materials are ones that have been previously used in a different building project but are suitable for re-purposing and in good condition. There is a lot of choice available when it comes to reclaimed materials and in this article specifically, we will be looking at some of the benefits of using reclaimed bricks


The first thing that will come to most when they think of one benefit of Reclaimed Materials is, cost saving, especially in larger scale building, costs can be a major concern for the affordability of a project. It is, therefore, beneficial to find much cheaper materials – without sacrificing quality – wherever possible. Using reclaimed bricks is an excellent choice for lowering costs on your specific building project. These bricks do not have any of the associated production costs attached to them that new materials do, allowing the prices to stay low. What’s more, you don’t have to compromise on standards as you can still obtain good quality, and even specific heritage materials, through reclaimed brick merchants. 

So where do the bricks come from to make them cheaper and in such good condition?

At Jim Wise Reclamation, we source our second hand bricks from demolished buildings that are demolished from our sister company Jim Wise Demolition and stock them for new building projects that require reclaimed bricks. Jim Wise are prominent across the whole of the UK, so a complete variety of bricks are available, including; Reclaimed Cheshire Bricks, Hand Made Bricks, Wirecut Bricks and many more. 

Environmentally friendly

By supplying recycled bricks, we promote renewable resources, giving our customers the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint whilst building their project.

One of the greatest advantages of using reclaimed bricks is that they are an environmentally friendly option. The construction industry in the UK is a huge contributor to national waste and carbon emissions, especially in the brick manufacturing industry. Such emissions can come from extracting, producing, manufacturing and transporting building materials. However, by using reclaimed bricks you can cut out a lot of this negative environmental impact as you are using pre-made materials.

As mentioned previously, as we see a-lot of demolished buildings, usually a lot of demolished building materials are thrown away, however, by using these bricks again, you can help reduce this unnecessary source of waste.

Finally, but not least, Adds character

Using reclaimed bricks for your project can be a fantastic way to add character and individuality to our property or building. These bricks can help create a unique finish, allowing you to make a truly original building. Whether used for an internal feature wall, extension or complete house build, the variety of textures and tones available with reclaimed bricks are sure to create an attractive and eye catching finish for those with an appreciation of history. Some of our stocked bricks are truly fantastic, including hour Reclaimed Cheshire Bricks and one of our favourite bricks, the Brindle Handmade Bricks typically from the Staffordshire, Telford, iron bridge and surrounding areas.

If you have any quieries regarding our Reclaimed Bricks, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Jim Wise Reclamation today either by phone: 01782 790576 or our contact form here. Come and visit our 5 acre yard in Stoke-on-Trent and you wont be disappointed, we stock a number of the well known reclaimed bricks, including numerous Handmade BricksWirecut Bricks and Facing Bricks. As most of our demolition works are in the Staffordshire, Cheshire and Stoke-on-Trent area, alot of our Bricks are from this area, including our Cheshire Brick, Staffordshire Brick, Stoke Common Brick. However, don't just think we offer brick from these areas, we also stock our Manchester Stock Brick and also our London Brick Company Bricks.

Reclaimed bricks